May 31, 2013

Rocket Runner Trailer #1

UPDATE: Rocket Runner is available for download on iOS devices!

Download on the App Store!

Check out our Main Page!  Not this silly old post that you were linked too.  We're fixing that ;]

OH NO! You clicked on a banner and there's no game to buy! ARRRGGG! I know, you're upset, we completely understand. Truth is, there will be a game out very soon. Until then, please watch our awesome game play trailer...then go and find some delicious pie to eat, pie fixes everything!

In the mean time, check out our Enemies and the Arsenal page!

Pretty snazzy, huh?  Well if you like what you see, you'll love playing the game! Rocket Runner will debut on an iOS device near you very soon. Until then, we'll have plenty of fun and informative nuggets about the game and the process that went into making it.