October 10, 2013

Update 1.2 and the Future!

With Rocket Runner 1.2 out, players will find the game more enjoyable, and possible to get past the first boss!  We are always looking to enhance the player experience and updating the game is a great way to create a better game and add more content.

With this update, we received our first official written review from the German review site, iPlayApps.  Of course we were all excited to see someone talk about our game, and even more so when it was purely positive!  Thanks to a friend of Killer Minnow, we have a proper translation to English:

"Rocket Runner has been available from the Indie-developer Killer Minnow in the AppStore since the summer (which in the meantime has given way to a sad Autumn.) Unfortunately, at that time we missed it [Rocket Runner] when we introduced you to 89- cent games optimized for the iPhone and iPod Touch. 

We stumbled over the game again in the last few days, more or less by accident, and wanted to make up the omission. Rocket Runner is an arcade-style game that is a strongly reminiscent mix between platformer and Space-Shooter. 

In a total of 22 levels, divided between three worlds, together with a small alien named Jarma, you must save his planet from a horde of aliens. In order to do that, you must fly in the manner of Space-Shooter through the air and run in the manner of a Jump’n’Run game over various platforms.  If you want to change your movement, it is easily done by swiping up or down respectively if you want to walk or fly. Thanks to auto-fire you don’t need to worry about shooting. You only need to aim at the enemy by tilting the device. On the platforms, like in the air, will you find as many power-ups (or pieces of them) as you care for and activating them from the display can, for example, send rockets to a single target or a destruction bomb to annihilate all enemies at once.  For that you, naturally, must accumulate coins that allows you to buy upgrades for your weapons. (Although there are a couple of volunteer IAP offers.) 

Altogether we found Rocket Runner to be a fun Arcade pastime. The mix between two genres is refreshing, the steering works after only a short period of getting acquainted. The instructions, while unfortunately available only in an English tutorial, are impeccable. For only 89cents in our opinion is absolutely worthwhile." 

A big thanks to folks over at iPlayApps.  As we look forward to more reviews, we are working on future updates.  Coding for a joystick as an alternative control mechanic is almost done, and expect to see some comic book content soon, as well as even more material in updates beyond the next.

As always, we are excited with Rocket Runner's progress, and look forward to the future!

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